Eurodoc Webinar «Discussion on Peer Review» during the Open Access Week 2022

Eurodoc has been actively advocating for #openaccess and #openscience while constantly monitoring new developments in this direction. Notably, we are among the early signatories of the recent Agreement on Reforming #ResearchAssessment, aimed at incentivizing openness in research.

Among diverse Open Science practices, we believe that open peer review (and peer review in general) is critical. It is also recognized as “central” for qualitative research evaluation in the Agreement, which requires a better understanding of the review process and its features.

* Which type of peer review is the best, and how to implement it?
* What is peer review’s role in the upcoming research assessment reform?
* How and if early-career researchers should be involved in the reviewing process?

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to join Eurodoc’s “Discussion on Peer Review ” webinar, which will be held on Monday, October 24, during the International Open Access Week 2022 –

No registration is needed, and we encourage all of you to ask questions in the comments section directly on YouTube.

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