All-Ukrainian scientific conference «Olympic movement on the territory of Ukraine – past and present»

The conference program includes: plenary session, thematic “round tables”, scientific discussions, meeting of Olympians with students. The participants of the conference will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the organization and conduct of educational events initiated by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Olympic Academy of Ukraine and receive a certificate (only for the participants of the conference, subject to the submission of a publication) for the completion of 6 hours of training (improvement of qualifications).
The main areas of work of the conference:
1. Historical aspects of the Olympic movement.
2. Olympic education as a factor in the formation of patriotic harmoniously developed youth.
3. The place of Olympic education in the training of highly qualified specialists and the formation of a new Ukrainian school.
4. Prominent figures of the Olympic and physical culture and sports movement of Ukraine.
5. Olympic and physical culture and sports movement in the form of teachers, trainers, scientific and pedagogical workers of departments of educational institutions of Ukraine.
6. The role and place of public and religious organizations in the development of the Olympic movement in Ukraine.
7. Foreign Ukrainian sports.

Коментар: The organizers will consider proposals for holding a conference in the format of a video conference using ZOOM technologies. Technical parameters will be announced additionally. The collection of conference materials will be posted on international scientific resources www.academia.edu and on the conference page on Facebook.

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